The Center for the Study of Authentic Movement

Zoë Avstreih, Director


"The discipline of
Authentic Movement
is a wise and generous teacher, a portal into the school of the body.

-Zoë Avstreih


Authentic movement is a profoundly simple form in which a mover moves with eyes closed in the presence of a witness. Rooted in Jungian depth psychology, it is a practice that stands alone with its own integrity.  

At its core, Authentic Movement is about trusting the innate wisdom of the body to lead us toward healing and the development of conscious presence. 

In the practice of Authentic Movement, the body is the gateway of awareness itself.  It informs the creative process, contemplative practice, and healing on all levels.

The Center provides experiential and theoretical opportunities for the in-depth study of Authentic Movement. 

The Center offers:  

  • Professional training for mental health professionals with a minimum of 3-5 years previous experience in Authentic Movement.
  • Retreats for professionals and lay people with experience in Authentic Movement.
  • Facilitator's seminars for professionals who are already working with the form.