Workshops, Retreats & Training
The Center for the Study of Authentic Movement

"In the practice of Authentic Movement, the conditioned mind/body of both mover and witness is the pathway that reveals our true nature."

-Zoë Avstreih


Professional Training 



"This is the way you slip


through into your 


innermost home; close your


eyes, and surrender."


At this time, The Center for Authentic Movement is not offering any trainings, workshops or retreats.

One-On-One Training for Therapists and Facilitators

The Center offers one-on-one intensive weekend trainings. Please contact Zoë Avstreih for more information. 

In-Depth Small Group Practice in Boulder, CO

Facilitator's Seminars

For mental health professionals who are currently facilitating the form, the Center offers a weekend advanced seminar to deepen your study of the form through direct experience and theoretical discussion.


The Center will offer intensive retreats in Boulder, Colorado and Eliot, Maine. These two, three, or four-day retreats will provide a direct experience of the body as a gateway to awareness. Retreats are open to professionals and laypeople who have previous experience in Authentic Movement.

They are suitable for people with a developed inner witness who can stay present with the intensity of direct experience and the accompanying emotions.  Please check back for details and schedule.